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Corporate Training

Corporate Training for employer and employee

Our training modules have been developed by professionals with vast experience in corporate training. The modules are developed in a flexible manner so that they can be modified appropriately to suit the needs of your organization.

The duration of each session may range from 45 minutes up to full day programs and the same may be determined upon due consideration of factors such as necessity and convenience of both parties.

The training sessions may, either be conducted:

  • On pre-scheduled dates at our premises; or
  • It may be held at your company.

Ideally, a team of 40 participants is preferred. However, a closed group session for specified profile of persons would also be feasible.

We give training in the areas of –

  • Finance and Accounts
  • Human Resources and Labour Laws
  • Tax Laws

Benefits to Employer

  • Holistically developed plans to facilitate comprehensive understanding of all areas
  • Develop the finance and non-finance personnel of your organization

We also conduct pre – training and post – training tests to gauge the improvement of your work force before and after training sessions!

Benefits to Employees

  • Learn more with our training modules and keep yourself abreast of the recent changes in statutes.
  • Reduce errors in execution of your work!
  • Keep yourself ahead of your peers in other industries!
  • Sharpen your skill sets!